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Gold Mining Equipment

Gold Hopper Classifier

This classifier is all you need to mine for gold The gold hopper is made from 3 mm alloy tread plate Measures 460 mm x 230 mm x 210 mm high and weighs 2.5 kg The gold hopper is just the tool for sampling or mining using hand tools.

Easily fits in a backpack.


Place shovel of pay dirt in hopper, submerge hopper in water an swish around gently, this will wash all the fines smaller than 6 mm threw the grill, lift out slowly then just tip one way to discard large dirt, then tip other way and wash out concentrate into pan, bucket or sluice, all done in 2 minutes.

The gold hopper has a piece of matting in bottom that will trap gold as well, just like a small sluice.


Polyethylene construction ( same as wheelie bins) These sluices work really well, the saw tooth pattern acts as riffles Weight 2kgs Measurements 1000 mm long

195 mm wide inside

110 mm high

Check out photo, this is a set up a person has done with a sluice for cleaning concentrate

Sutton Large Gold Pan

This large gold pan is spun from 1mm mild steel it measures 394mm Diameter and is 84mm deep. 

Sutton Large Pan Sieve

This Sieve has been developed to help eliminate large unwanted debris from getting into the pan, so saving time and effort. It is made of 1mm mild steel and measures 402mm Diameter and is 70mm Deep. 

Sutton Medium Gold Pan
Medium sized Gold Pan spun from 1mm mild steel and measures 285mm Diameter and is 66mm Deep. Ideal as a slightly more portable lighter weight option than the large pans. 

Sutton Medium Pan Sieve

Medium Pan Sieve is great for eliminating unwanted debris from getting into your pan Saving both time and effort. It is spun from 1mm mild steel and the holes are punched to 16mm , It measures 296mm Diameter and is 30mm Deep. 

Sutton Small or Novelty Pan

Small novelty pan is ideal for the young family member who just wants to join in with mum and dad. Or another use for this pan would be as a Pie Dish to cook your own Miners Meal.

Sutton Copper Pan Range

We also have the option of purchasing Pans spun out of copper in the following sizes: 

Large      394mm Diameter by 85mm Deep

        Medium   285mm Diameter by 66mm Deep.

Small      62mm diameter by 36mm Deep